Demand for CNG starts rising again

Demand for CNG starts rising again

The popularity of compressed natural gas (CNG) has once again spiked among motorists with the rise in petroleum prices, which, an industry leader believes, will benefit consumers, environment and people involved in the gas business.

All Pakistan CNG Association (APCNGA) Central Chairman Ghiyas Abdullah Paracha stressed in a statement that with the continued increase in petrol prices, CNG rates would start falling soon.

 “CNG dealers had felt the heat of falling oil prices (over the past two years), which encouraged many motorists to switch to petrol, but now the situation is taking a turn in favour of the environment-friendly fuel,” he said.

Earlier, car owners with CNG kits enjoyed over 50% savings, when petrol was priced more than Rs100 per litre from April 2012 onwards. The petrol price reached its peak in October 2013 when it was sold for Rs113.24 per litre.

Since November 2014, the petrol price started falling and it currently stood at around Rs73 per litre.

“We will soon introduce a new technology in the country, which will be more efficient, significantly increase mileage and reduce overall costs for the motorists,” Paracha announced.

He said a new lightweight gas was also being introduced, which would benefit CNG consumers and “we are sure that this solution will enable us to improve efficiency of the entire system”.

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