Czech Republic’s D1 Gets First CNG Station

Czech Republic’s D1 Gets First CNG Station

Engineering group Vítkovice Machinery Group (VMG) has launched the first compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station D1 for the Czech republic’s main highway. The station is built to service traffic flowing on both sides of the D1 and is located on the Prague – Brno route near the famous Nine Crosses at Devět. 

Although construction and installation of the latest technology station took only a month, the overall preparation of the construction took about a year and a half and included several technical challenges related to gas supply.

The filling capacity of the CNG stations on both sides of the D1 is over 250 m3 per hour, equivalent to refuelling 20 CNG-powered cars per hour. “For example: an Octavia G-TEC takes our technology about three minutes from start to finish,” said Martin Zak, sales director, Vitkovice Transport.

This year, the VMG group occupied filling stations in most regions of the country. At this time, it operates 24 with several others due for completion. A network of Vitall-branded VMG stations (including 15 stations that are co-located with the Benzina network) will grow to more than 30 by year end. “The aim is balanced coverage of all main roads across our country, cross-border routes are already operated close to the border with Poland, Germany and Slovakia,” said RodanBroskevič, director of the subsidiary company Vítkovice Transportation.

“Our goal is to create a convenient and comfortable environment for drivers who choose to use the most economical and most environmentally friendly fuel. And we are doing it,” Broskevič added.

This year the group sold about three million cubic meters of compressed natural gas. The pace of sales is accelerating thanks to the new stations. In January, 115,000 cubic meters was sold. In September, it is already on the volume of 250 thousand cubic meters, which represents an increase of 220 percent. Last year, for the full year the group sold over one million cubic meters of VMG CNG.

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