Costa Rica launches Alliance for Hydrogen to decarbonize transport


Costa Rica launches Alliance for Hydrogen to decarbonize transport

The Alliance for Hydrogen is a new initiative that aims to boost and develop a hydrogen ecosystem, as a sustainable alternative energy and as a means that contributes to Costa Rica’s efforts to achieve both decarbonization of the economy and sustainable mobility technologies that do not pollute the environment. The Alliance includes the Costa Rica-United States Foundation for Cooperation (CRUSA), Purdy Motor, Linde, Estrategia Siglo XXI, Grupo Electrotécnica, Matelpa, Siemens, Cummins, Relaxury and Ad Astra Rocket.

At the end of July, the first plenary session of this project was held with the main objective of start promoting the use of hydrogen as clean energy in road transport, including cargo trucks, cars, public transport and light industrial cargo vehicles. In addition, it is serving to provide backup energy for the industrial, commercial and residential sector; actions that would take place without generating CO2 emissions, this without polluting the environment.

The Alliance is born thanks to the initiative of several private actors to promote these mobility alternatives, and aims to become an ecosystem coordination mechanism and position itself as a facilitator of the energy transition, promote support schemes for the sector and encourage the adoption of public policies. As an agency, the alliance will seek high-level technical advice to quantify the impacts and benefits of hydrogen in the country, as well as to develop proposals for regulatory frameworks that allow the development of the hydrogen market.

“This first session is a very important step because it creates an articulation of actors with diverse interests that seek a common goal: to promote decarbonization in the Costa Rican economy. In this sense, CRUSA would be the administrator of the funds that will boost the development of the hydrogen ecosystem in the country,” said Flora Montealegre, Executive Delegate of the CRUSA Foundation.

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