Contanedores MAI expands its fleet of Scania CNG trucks in Madrid

Contanedores MAI expands its fleet of Scania CNG trucks in Madrid

Contanedores MAI has added two new Scania vehicles that belong to the P series. The feature a 9-liter engine, although of different power: one has 340 HP with a maximum torque of 1,600 Nm and the other a 280 HP with a maximum torque of 1,350 Nm. Both are powered by natural gas and belong to Scania’s XT range, designed for missions in the construction sector.

With this addition, Contanedores MAI has now three CNG-powered container trucks operating in the city of Madrid, since at the beginning of last year the first of these vehicles arrived in its fleet, initiating a commitment to alternative fuels. In total, Contanedores MAI has a dozen Scania vehicles.

“It is an economical vehicle in terms of consumption and with good performance. The good results of the first natural gas truck are very good, that is why we incorporated these two new vehicles and, surely, more will come next year,” said Mariano Andradas, General Director of Contanedores MAI.

Given the new mobility regulations in cities seeking better air quality, natural gas-powered vehicles represent a sustainable alternative. The ECO label of these vehicles allows them to circulate in urban environments without restrictions, also in sensitive urban areas since the natural gas engine is quieter than the conventional diesel engine.

“The main reason to bet on natural gas is precisely an environmental issue, not only because of the regulations, but also because of our awareness as a company, which seeks to contribute its grain of sand in the fight against climate change. That is why we started a change in our fleet incorporating less polluting vehicles,” added Andradas.

These trucks will operate in Madrid, picking up containers at construction sites and taking them to the authorized on-site recycling waste manager at MAI’s recycling plant in Vicálvaro. It is precisely in Vicálvaro where they have a regular CNG refueling point and another in the San Fernando industrial estate, where they refuel in the afternoon and have enough fuel to work the next day.

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