Colombia: Cali buses may run on natural gas in the near future

Colombia: Cali buses may run on natural gas in the near future

According to Orlando Cabrales, president of the Colombian Association of Natural Gas (Naturgas), they have already met representatives of the municipal company Metrocali to encourage the use of CNG in the new buses of the West Integrated Massive Transportation System (MIO) that will come into operation in 2018. For Naturgas, there is guaranteed supply, proven reserves and lower cost for the system.

“In addition to helping make the operation of the mass transit system more economical for the city, natural gas will contribute to the improvement of the environment, since it is widely proven to be less polluting than other fuels,” Cabrales said. Cities such as Palmira, Medellín and Cartagena operate more than 600 CNG buses and transport more than 600,000 passengers, with a positive impact in reducing noise levels and pollutants.

With more than 400 natural gas buses, Cartagena’s Transcaribe has proved to be a success economic and environmentally; in Medellín, Metroplús vehicles are contributing to reduce the emissions that caused an environmental crisis in the beginning of 2017; in Palmira, 37 buses have contributed to a friendlier city with pedestrians and passengers, reducing emissions and noise levels.

Cabrales added: “The country has gas reserves, with full guarantee of supply and distribution, as evidenced by the latest findings at the Purple Angel well on the Caribbean Coast, which guarantees the fuel supply for the capital of the Valley. This, natural gas can offer a known and stable price over time.”

According to studies carried out by Naturgas, the costs of fuel consumption during the first year of operation of the MIO are estimated at about 3 million dollars if all the system’s standard and articulated buses operate on CNG. “The savings generated by natural gas can be transferred to the users, with a lower value of the ticket,” concluded the manager.

This Latin American highly favorable scenario with a promising marketplace and venue for the natural gas sector will host AltFuels Mexico 2018 taking place on 23-26 April at the World Trade Center of Mexico City.

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