CNG IVECO Daily performs urban cleaning service in Buenos Aires

CNG IVECO Daily performs urban cleaning service in Buenos Aires

More and more business are betting on vehicles powered by alternative fuels in Argentina. One of these cases is the company AMYM (ASHIRA S.A. and MARTIN Y MARTIN S.A) that recently acquired an IVECO Daily from the “Natural Power” range for its daily operations.

The company, which since 2014 provides the public urban cleaning service in some areas of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, incorporated this vehicle into its fleet with the aim of equipping it to store and transport 4,000 liters of rainwater that is collected through a modern system located in the company’s operating base.

“At AMYM we work for a sustainable future and we take into account the importance of protecting the environment, saving and rationalizing resources, as well as preventing and correcting environmental risks. We know that this new CNG Daily and our collection system will allow us to meet our sustainability goals,” the company said.

The new CNG IVECO Daily delivered to AMYM is prepared to carry out different washing services on public roads. Currently, it provides comprehensive on-site container washing and disinfection with a water-based solution and sodium hypochlorite.

The “Natural Power” range vehicle offers reductions of: 50% in fuel costs, 90% of nitrogen dioxide, 99% of particulate matter, and up to 95% of carbon dioxide when using biomethane as fuel.

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