CNG/hybrid truck successfully tested under exigent conditions in Oregon

CNG/hybrid truck successfully tested under exigent conditions in Oregon

Portland-based public utility NW Natural announced promising early results from its truck loan program in conjunction with Hyliion Holdings Corp. Through tests conducted by Baker Rock Resources, Tillamook County Creamery Association and CalPortland, the new CNG solution proved it can deliver across the board for fleets in the areas of power, sustainability and fuel efficiency.

NW Natural and Hyliion teamed up to make a CNG-electric hybrid Cascadia day cab tractor available at no cost to three fleet operators seeking low-emission, cost-saving alternatives to diesel. Hyliion’s e-axle, a self-charging powertrain to boost performance of CNG vehicles, adds up to 120 HP to a Class 8, 12-liter CNG semi-truck – enough to pull more than 100,000 pounds uphill with performance comparable to diesels. Onboard Dynamics offered program participants the use of its mobile CNG fueling station for on-site refueling.

“Natural gas vehicles are popular in North America and throughout the world because of their significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions, near zero-point source emissions, and the ability to use renewable natural gas instead of diesel,” said Chris Kroeker, NW Natural business development segment manager. “This innovative, try-it-first truck loan program allows local fleet managers to see if this technology fits with their operations – and Hyliion’s Hybrid solution has proven that it can deliver across the board in the areas of power, sustainability and return on investment.”

Baker Rock Resources has provided construction and landscaping materials to the Portland area for more than 60 years, with a focus on operating sustainably. From the first time a driver of the Hyliion CNG Hybrid truck hauled a full load up a steep hill with ample power, Keith Peal, vice president of Marketing and Sales, concluded he’d found a way to match his company’s environmental goals to its operating needs. “The demonstration was a complete success, and we absolutely have plans to add the technology to our fleet,” said Peal.

Tillamook County Creamery Association has been supplying dairy products to customers across the state for more than a century. To bring its products to the Portland area, drivers cross the Oregon Coast Range on a winding two-lane highway – carrying up to 86,000 pounds. “Being able to test a CNG-electric hybrid truck helped us see firsthand that the technology available today performs well on our distribution routes, with enough power to get over mountain passes, and was straightforward for our drivers. As a result of this trial, we are assessing the potential to replace our diesel trucks with Hyliion’s natural gas vehicles,” said Tillamook’s director of Environment & Community Impact Jocelyn Bridson.

CalPortland, a multi-state operation producing and delivering cement, concrete and other construction materials, also has a strong commitment to environmental protection, advocating for products and practices that yield the least possible environmental impact. Its transportation team found the Hyliion CNG Hybrid trucks are easy to operate, with the potential to significantly lower the fleet’s carbon footprint.  “The vehicle provided by Hyliion and NW Natural is a great opportunity to add an environmentally friendly option for hauling freight,” said Matthew Meyer, CalPortland’s director of Fleet Management.

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