CNG Cars Can Now Be Refueled from the Comfort of Their Homes

CNG Cars Can Now Be Refueled from the Comfort of Their Homes

The owners of cars that run on compressed natural gas in the city of Mumbai have just had their lives made easier with the power of tech and the internet. They can now fuel their cars without travelling to the petrol bunk and can get their cars filled with fuel as they laze around on their couch.

The Fuel Delivery which is start-up company based in Mumbai has been partnering up with Mahanagar Gas Ltd to deliver compressed natural gas to their customers’ homes all over the big city.

The operations for this have already started but has only been localised in the Sion and Mahape areas of the city but they will soon expand their operations and services to the entire city very soon. The start-up company’s spokes people said that they are pioneers in their industry as no other company in the country has delivered compress natural gas before and they are the only company in the entire country doing this one of a kind service.

Not only will this service be available for privately owned vehicles, but even business and commercials and professionals that use these vehicles such as cab drivers, auto rickshaw owners and drivers, Omni van drivers, buses, LMVs and so on can all also avail this service. A large chunk of compressed natural gas vehicles is used commercially or by businesses so the company should be looking to tap that market as it has great potential for growth.

The Fuel Delivery is a start-up company that is currently only operating in the NCR region of New Delhi, Bangalore, and parts of Mumbai although the entire city of Mumbai will be a part of their operations and serviceable area very soon. The company is just 2 years old as it founded back in 2020.

A letter has already been penned by the company and the Mahanagar Gas Ltd to partner up and deliver the compressed natural gas. This service will be available at any hours on any day meaning that they will be reliable if there is an emergency irrespective of the time.

They have also received the green light to set up two units of compressed natural gas in Mumbai for the first phase of their growth in the city. The company is still setting their infrastructure up and their delivery service will be inaugurated within the next 3 months according to the company. the company has already been delivering diesel and has found great success in it.



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