Chilean gas supplier will produce biomethane for commercial fleets

Chilean gas supplier will produce biomethane for commercial fleets

Under its SaviaInnova program, Chilean natural gas distributor Metrogas is working on a project to process street market waste into biogas for vehicles in two years. The company has successfully completed research tests and will install a pilot anaerobic digestion plant in 2016 by investing up to USD 350,000 (EUR 313,000), which should be followed by an industrial plant in the next years.

In Santiago city alone, organic waste from street markets allow for the production of 3.5 million cu m (123.6m cu ft) of biogas per year. Once purified, the biogas will be sent to filling stations selling natural gas to vehicles like taxis and commercial fleets.

Danilo Flores, innovation manager, said the company will apply for public funds to co-finance the final project and will collaborate with municipalities, universities and private companies.

“We hope to co-finance the final project, applying for public funds, in addition to interacting with different actors: municipalities, universities and private companies in different fields. This solution will allow us to further develop the market for natural gas vehicles and supply an increased demand, which in December 2014 was over 6,600 vehicles,” said Danilo Flores, chief innovation of the firm.


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