Chile: energy ministry lauds ENAP’s LNG-fueled truck and service station

Chile: energy ministry lauds ENAP’s LNG-fueled truck and service station

The Ministerial Regional Secretary (Seremi) of Energy Pedro Pablo Ogaz and the Regional Director of the Superintendency of Electricity and Fuels (SEC) Ricardo Miranda have visited the offices of Transportes Santa María in the Rengo commune, to see a new service station that allows refueling the first ENAP truck that runs on LNG.

“This initiative marks a new milestone in the commitment made by the national government to have a cleaner and more sustainable national energy matrix. For this reason, I would like first of all to highlight that our O’Higgins region has an LNG refueling station, where we are complying with axis 5 of the Energy Route that promotes efficient transportation. This is why we are at the Santa María Transport Plant, in the town of Rosario, Rengo commune, where we want to relieve and congratulate its owners and ENAP for this pioneering project, with the first truck powered by natural gas, a project that puts us at the forefront, within the first countries supporting clean technologies, renewable energies,” said Ogaz.

ENAP’s first LNG transport truck was manufactured by IVECO and is operated by Transportes Santa María and Cryolab. It is a more efficient vehicle, quieter and that emits 15% less greenhouse gases, compared to a similar vehicle that uses diesel.

ENAP’s Director of Storage and Pipelines Roberto Valenzuela commented: “We want to highlight the importance of this start, in which a truck that uses LNG as fuel is already operating in this experimental plant, which is giving us very good results, with a range of approximately 1,600 kilometers. We are making the necessary emission and performance measurements to reach a satisfactory result in a few more months.”

“We are today at our base in Rosario seeing this LNG truck, the first truck in Chile and South America that works with this technology, developed in conjunction with ENAP, Cryolab and IVECO. We have had very good results with this pioneering project in the inclusion of natural gas in transportation, here we are testing a clean, efficient fuel that could be the future of transportation in Chile. We have a very good product, with the support of the authorities, such as the SEC and the Seremi of Energy, we also have the support of the drivers and therefore this project has a potential for success,” added Gonzalo Middleton, General Manager of Transportes Santa María.

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