CarterEnergy Adopts Natural Gas with First CNG Station and First CNG Fleet

CarterEnergy Adopts Natural Gas with First CNG Station and First CNG Fleet

CarterEnergy, a division of World Fuel Services Corporation and national fueling solutions provider in the U.S., is in the process of building its first public fueling station (Cardlock) that will offer Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The station, scheduled to open late first quarter in Fairfax, Kansas City, will provide area fleets a resource for fueling their vehicles with CNG, in addition to Diesel and DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid).

The build is a project powered by CNG@WORKSM, a full spectrum program that helps fleets convert to CNG. Services include lowest cost natural gas supply, CNG vehicle and refueling infrastructure consulting and turnkey CNG station financing and development.

“The broad and rapid market adoption of CNG as a transportation fuel is occurring within heavy-duty trucking and momentum within the light and medium-duty class is growing,” said Dan Genovese, Director of CNG Development for World Fuel Services. “In addition to providing convenient, public access to low-cost, fast-fill CNG fueling at the Fairfax facility, we will be helping current customers and commercial fleets seeking alternative fueling solutions with every step of the conversion process.”

CarterEnergy also plans to take advantage of the many benefits of CNG by converting a portion of its fleet to CNG early this year.

“Through our partnership with MHC Kenworth, we will be exchanging nine diesel-powered units for nine CNG-powered units (Kenworth T680 and T880 models) to start. The new vehicles are expected to go into service starting mid-March through early April.” said Shannon Stringer, Vice President of Transportation and Logistics for CarterEnergy.

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