Canadian logistics company debuts CNG truck for deliveries in Ontario


Canadian logistics company debuts CNG truck for deliveries in Ontario

Bunzl Canada announced the pilot test of the company’s first natural gas-powered transport truck for delivery routes in southwestern Ontario. The Volvo vehicle will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease fuel consumption but will also achieve engine noise reduction of an estimated 10 decibels. There are currently more than 1,100 CNG vehicles operating in Ontario and eastern Canada, and over 50,000 operating in the U.S.

“This new technology is projected to reduce emissions by 25% while improving overall fuel efficiency,” said Tim McKinnon, Operations Director. “Now that there are tractor-friendly refueling stations located across Ontario, we can operate these vehicles on the Highway 401 corridor from Windsor to Montreal. It’s an exciting opportunity for us to reduce our environmental footprint on some of our busiest transportation routes.”  

“We are confident that Bunzl Canada’s CNG transport truck pilot test will demonstrate why cleaner and more affordable CNG trucks are the ideal choice in the competitive transportation business,” commented Scott Dodd, Director of Business Development for Enbridge Gas. “In addition to long-term cost savings and emission reductions as compared to diesel, other proven advantages include a quieter, cleaner truck for employees and the customers they deliver to.”

Sustainability is a key corporate focus for Bunzl Canada in both its operations and the products it supplies. “This is just one of a number of high priority initiatives designed to reduce our company’s environmental footprint, and help our customers do the same,” added the company’s President, John Howlett.

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