Calvera develops four hydrogen station projects in Spain, U.S. & Chile

Calvera develops four hydrogen station projects in Spain, U.S. & Chile

After launching the first bus hydrogen station in Denmark earlier this year, Calvera is taking advantage of its commitment to Research and Development (R&D) in this area to support both customers who manufacture hydrogen stations and producing directly special equipment for the end customer. In this way, the company strengthens its activity in the field of hydrogen as a mobility vector with its participation in four large-scale projects, two in Spain and two in other countries.

“We have spent years investing in engineering with a lot of R&D and that is now bearing fruit,” said Rafael Calvera, CEO of the company specialized in the storage and transportation of compressed gas at high pressure.

In Spain, Calvera is manufacturing and integrating the country’s first hydrogen refueling station at 700 bar supply pressure for passenger cars, for the consortium formed by Enagás, Toyota and Urbaser that will provide service in Madrid. It will be located at San Antonio service station, located on Madrid’s Avenida de Manoteras, in the north of the city. The Japanese car company, which manufactures the hydrogen-fueled Toyota Mirai car and wants to popularize it, is strongly committed to this project.

In the special hydrogen station line, Calvera is developing a mobile refueling unit for the National Hydrogen Center (CNH2), which will be installed in the Port of Valencia with the HyPorts project. “Thanks to this initiative, Valencia will be the first port in Europe to incorporate hydrogen energy to reduce the environmental impact of its operations,” indicated Calvera.

The company is also working on another portable hydrogen station, in this case outside Spain, for Plugpower, a U.S. leading company in the sector. “In this case, it is the first of an order for two mobile hydrogen stations to supply fuel cell forklifts for the transport of goods, a promising field in which this technology is already demonstrating its effectiveness. Plugpower is achieving good profitability with the addition of hydrogen forklifts on a massive scale,” said Rafael Calvera.

The fourth project involves the mining company Angloamerican in Chile. Calvera is the engineering manufacturer and integrator of all the components of the equipment, having as client the Spanish company Clantech with the Sideh hydrogen station line, which will be responsible for the final engineering and delivery of the product to the user client. “Our technical solvency in the design, engineering and manufacturing of hydrogen stations allows us to offer B2B (business to business) support to engineering companies and to clients or suppliers of hydrogen stations to the final client,” added Calvera.

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