Bus rapid transit system serving Bogotá adds 99 new CNG buses

Bus rapid transit system serving Bogotá adds 99 new CNG buses

The mayor of Bogotá, Claudia López, announced the entry into operation of 99 natural gas buses for the TransMilenio, and stressed that the renewal of this fleet is improving the city’s air quality and user comfort. With these 99 new units, which are part of the batch corresponding to Patio Norte, there are already 351 CNG vehicles and 945 low emission vehicles (477 articulated and 468 bi-articulated) in total circulating in Colombian city’s transport system.

According to the established schedule, the entry of 1,441 eco-friendly buses (741 CNG) into TransMilenio’s fleet will be completed in August. “Thanks to a billionaire investment that comes from the taxes of each of the citizens, we are buying 1,441 new less polluting buses that will allow, when they are all operational, reduce by 95% the pollution that reaches our lungs,” said López .

Currently, TransMilenio buses contribute 1.8% to emissions of particulate matter from mobile sources; with the entry of the new fleet it will decrease to 0.4%. “We are very happy because this allows us to continue advancing and continue reducing emissions in the system, which is, perhaps, one of the most important points,” said TransMilenio Manager Felipe Ramírez.

The mayor of Bogotá stressed that, in addition to environmental benefits, these more than 1,400 buses that are coming to the system and that represent 70% of TransMilenio’s fleet will provide greater comfort to users. “The buses that are entering into service are more than the old ones that we are replacing, the goal is to replace 1,162 vehicles with the entry of 1,441. Moreover, the buses are larger, which will improve the comfort of users by 41% with 160,000 additional seats,” she said.

To guarantee the supply of natural gas buses, Vanti advances in the construction of new refueling stations, which have a robust compression system with fast-filling dispensers.

This is an extremely positive moment for natural gas and the transition to more sustainable public transport systems. In this encouraging scenario for Latin America, AltFuels México 2020 will take place on 27-30 April 2020 at the World Trade Center of Mexico City. The event will consist of high-level conferences and exhibition led by national and international experts and companies who will share their experiences and knowledge with visitors and showcase the latest in clean energy technologies.


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