Blue Corridors: Galileo unveils first LNG station map in Argentina


Blue Corridors: Galileo unveils first LNG station map in Argentina

The Argentine company Galileo Technologies launched the map of LNG stations for freight transport that is part of the Blue Corridor. The refueling facilities are located on Argentina’s main routes. “Our goal is to reduce the cost of fuel in transportation; so that each kilometer traveled makes the products of our country more competitive, and its landscapes, cleaner,” explains the company. You can access the map here.

LNG is the most powerful and cleanest fuel for truck fleets. It has the same range as a diesel vehicle, but is up to 50% cheaper and with a lower pollutant emission rate (20% less CO2, without NOx, SOx or particulates). In addition, LNG has the latest technology in heavy engines, optimum power and higher torque than a diesel engine.

As for the equipment of the refueling stations, Galileo points out that it can bring the LNG and the dispenser to the fleet operators’ headquarters. Galileo Patagonia® LNG dispensers are designed to be installed in industrial or logistics centers. Its hoses allow dispensing up to 225 liters of LNG per minute (l/min) in the same facilities of the companies.

In addition, Galileo offers a Patagonia CNX dual dispenser, which allows expanding the supply of fuels with CNG and LNG plug-and-play storage systems and dispensers. “No matter how far you are from gas networks, LNG reaches you with the same logistics as liquid fuels and you can offer it as LNG for trucks or CNG for light vehicles,” they say.

Patagonia CNX is installed in the same way as a snack vending machine, since its ability to provide fuel does not require connection to the underground gas network. In turn, its armored cabin functions as a built-in concrete bunker. Therefore, its installation does not demand civil works nor does it depend on the gas utility companies for its authorization.

With two built-in hoses or with the capacity to simultaneously serve up to two LNG and six CNG hoses in external dispensers, the Patagonia CNX offers fuel for each type of vehicle: CNG for urban vehicles, which benefit from the low cost of this fuel, and LNG for heavy and long-distance transport, where the main benefits are linked to performance and range.

At the site, a simulator can be used to calculate the savings that a truck fleet would have and estimate the amortization of a purchase of new vehicles for the use of LNG or CNG.

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