Baleària begins LNG conversion process of the Hedy Lamarr ferry

Baleària begins LNG conversion process of the Hedy Lamarr ferry

Baleària has started the LNG conversion of the Hedy Lamarr ferry at the West Sea shipyard in Viana do Castelo (Portugal). This is the last of the six conversion operations planned, and that have been carried out since 2018. With this In March, the shipping company will have completed its fleet plan of nine vessels running on LNG (the six converted and another three newly built) in which it invested 380 million euros. It should be remembered that part of the investment involved in the conversions comes from the CEF funds of the European Union.

During the five months that the Hedy Lamarr engine conversion operation will last, its current machines (MAN 9L48/60B class) will be adapted and converted to dual fuel engines of the MAN 9L51/60DF class, with capacity to run on LNG and diesel. In addition, two gas storage tanks with a total capacity of 565 m3 will be installed on the vessel, which will give it a gas navigation autonomy of more than 1,400 nautical miles. This will be the most complex part of the retrofit, since it involves a cut in the upper deck of the ship, the introduction of both tanks and the subsequent sealing.

Taking advantage of the conversion operation, Baleària will install all the smart ship project systems on the Hedy Lamarr. Thus, the ferry will become a state-of-the-art ship, with technological improvements in view of the customer experience on board.

On the other hand, sensors will be installed on the vessel to monitor fuel consumption and emissions in real time, as has already been done on other ships in the fleet. This is part of the Green and Connected Ports project of the European Union.


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