Auto and car travel become expensive, CNG gas price has gone up

Today, there is no jump in the petrol-diesel rate, although the price of CNG gas (CNG price today) has increased. In fact, the price of CNG gas in Pune, Maharashtra has increased by Rs 2.20. According to the information received, the new price has been implemented from today. In such a situation, the price of CNG gas (CNG price in Pune) is now Rs 77.20. Yes, and this information has been shared by All India Petrol Dealers Association spokesperson Ali Daruwala. Let us tell you all that the month of April has seen a huge fluctuation in the price of natural gas.

If you remember, earlier the government reduced the rate of VAT on natural gas from 13 per cent to 3 per cent and the new rate of VAT was implemented from April 1, 2022. After that, after the reduction in VAT, the price of CNG gas in Pune came down to Rs 62 per kg. Within a week, the price hike was started and in April, it has become more expensive than Rs 15 so far. You all know that for the first time in the month of April, the price was increased on the 6th. In fact, on April 6, there was a huge jump of Rs 7 in the price of CNG gas.

After that, on April 13, the price was increased by Rs 5 per kg. After that, on April 18, the price was increased by Rs 2 and now the price has gone up by Rs 2.20. If we talk about the reason, then the reason for the increase in the price was told that the rate is going up in the international market. In fact, regarding the price rise, Ali Daruwala has made it clear that, ‘The amount of gas that is being produced at the domestic level is not in line with the demand. In such a situation, gas is imported on a large scale and the direct impact of the price is seen here in the international market. India’s demand has tripled in the last one year. ‘

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