Argentina: technological innovation board will address LNG projects

Argentina: technological innovation board will address LNG projects

The National Gas Regulatory Entity (ENARGAS) announced the creation of the “Board of Technological Innovation – LNG Storage Technologies” through Resolution 187/21, which will have as its objective the discussion, exchange and follow-up of proposals in this topic presented by research organizations and institutions, specialized academic institutions, suppliers and developers of equipment and technology, companies specialized in the production and treatment of gas, local commerce and industry chambers, certification and standardization bodies, public utilities and the different industry players on the matter.

“The new board addresses the expansion of the transportation system from a strategic perspective – as mandated by the Law – tending to the substitution of natural gas imports, the expansion of public service and the creation of national jobs. It is a first big step, making the most of natural gas liquefaction and storage technologies, which will undoubtedly change the Argentine energy landscape in the coming decades. In the short and medium term, our goal is to reduce gas imports to a minimum,” said ENARGAS Comptroller Federico Bernal.

The board will consist of representatives of the Technological Innovation Management, as well as representatives of other Managements of this body with competence in the matter and will have as its central focus the discussion, exchange and reception of technical proposals with the various actors and sectors, both public and private, national, regional, provincial, and anyone else interested in the matter on this subject, in order to analyze the projects presented on the application of these technologies.

It is worth mentioning that the new LNG storage technologies could help -from nationally produced natural gas taken from the distribution system- mitigate the negative effects of demand peaks, which lead to the recurrent cut off of supply in industries and imports of natural gas, with its consequent socio-economic damages.

On the other hand, the board will propose, among others, the conceptual study of the possible strategic location of LNG storage plants (small/medium size), with the aim of supplying those towns and communities that require it, based on their regasification and distribution in networks not connected to the natural gas distribution system and that currently use other fuels, economically and environmentally less favorable.

The ENARGAS undertakes to treat the proposals made by the participants in order to carry out the pertinent studies and eventually dictate the acts or measures that arise from the applicable procedures of competence of the entity, to the extent of its conformity with these and the rules of application.

The launch of this new board is part of the Technological Innovation Boards created during 2020 by the ENARGAS, in the constant search to improve the quality of the public gas service through networks.

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