Argentina: Ministry of Transport analyzes use of hydrogen in mobility

Argentina: Ministry of Transport analyzes use of hydrogen in mobility

The Argentine Minister of Transport Mario Meoni along with his Science and Technology counterpart Roberto Salvarezza met with the authorities of Y-TEC and CONICET researchers to discuss the use of hydrogen in transport, mainly for two applications: vehicle propulsion and electrical production for secondary services on the vehicle such as air conditioning, communication systems, vehicle electromechanical systems and other services.

“We want to advance in the innovation of new energy sources in transportation because, in addition, we understand that it can be a way to stimulate new industries. We naturally have available resources that we pour into fossil fuels all the time and that, beyond the fact that we can have those fuels such as natural gas in CNG or LNG in many areas, we want to promote that conversion in public transport by thinking of something new in the long term,” said Meoni.

“Our concern is to work with scientific foundations,” said Meoni, adding that “today there is a tendency to impose an urban electric bus at any cost and that has a huge cost, because those that exist are 100% imported, they cost 450,000 dollars, against one of 200,000 powered by CNG.”

“There is a strong global trend to stop using fossil fuels such as diesel or gasoline. Considering that in our country there is gas, this is important because hydrogen is produced from gas and it is a path in the middle because if we have gas production, we are not going to vent it. We want to create a sustainable base and allocate resources so that in four years we can have a platform to move forward,” he added.

Meanwhile, Roberto Salvarezza highlighted: “We are going to add all the technological capabilities so that the product that one can develop has the greatest national integration, the greatest technological knowledge, and we will set up ventures that are contributing in those aspects that need R&D.”

Y-TEC is the most important research and development company for the energy industry in Argentina, with an innovative model, unique in the region as a result of the combination of YPF, the largest energy company in the country, and CONICET, the main organization for the promotion of science and technology in Argentina.

It generates and applies knowledge, and brings new technologies to the market, focusing on energies, those of today and those of the future such as non-conventional (Vaca Muerta), mature fields, renewable energies and the generation of solutions that promote a sustainable operation throughout the industry.

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