Argentina: Agrale’s new CNG bus hits the streets of Buenos Aires


Argentina: Agrale’s new CNG bus hits the streets of Buenos Aires

The Brazilian-Argentine manufacturer Agrale carried out the first test of its MT17.0 CNG bus, with Todobus body, in the streets of Buenos Aires. It is a vehicle identical to those currently circulating in the capital city with the only difference that it uses compressed natural gas as fuel. The vehicle serves Line 50 and is operated by the company Nudo S.A.

The model was developed and produced by Agrale at its industrial plant on National Route 5, located between Luján and Mercedes (province of Buenos Aires), as part of the projects led by the company to introduce more environmentally friendly technologies into its urban buses. In that sense, Agrale decided to join the Clean Technology Bus Pilot Test implemented by the Secretary of Transportation of the City of Buenos Aires.

This CNG bus, which complies with all safety standards established by both the Secretary of Production and National Gas Regulatory Authority (Enargas), offers a quieter ride than buses driven by diesel engines and a lower level of pollutant emissions than those currently required in Argentina. In addition, it has automatic transmission, air suspension, kneeling at stops, wheelchair ramp and space for people with disabilities.

The beginning of gas exploitation in Vaca Muerta has been a game changer in the possibility of self-sufficiency of this resource, and vehicles such as the one developed by Agrale, locally manufactured, are called to be fundamental players of urban passenger transport in the short term.

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