Argentina: 45 new CNG refueling sites open so far this year


Argentina: 45 new CNG refueling sites open so far this year

The decrease in gasoline consumption due to its high price has boosted the development of CNG refueling stations in Argentina. The conversions of dispensers to this type of fuel increased in July by 30% over the same month last year – being this the highest figure since September 2015, according to a report by the Secretariat of Energy of the Government of Argentina.

Argentina has deployed 45 new CNG refueling sites throughout 2019, according to the same report.

Today, Argentina has 1,838 CNG stations, says the Secretariat of Energy. Most CNG dispensers are installed at multi-energy stations, and not at dedicated CNG sites. It is expected that the number of CNG stations will keep growing in the short-term, considering the efforts being made by the Government of Argentina to promote its use and also due to the good exploitation prospects in the field of Vaca Muerta.

“Expectations in the short term are placed in developing a network of public buses powered by CNG, and not only promoting the commercially benefits of local gas. It is also important to internalize that this fuel is environmentally friendlier than other liquid fossils,” states a document recently issued by ENARGAS (Gas Regulatory Authority). 

ENARGAS itself has created an interactive map which allows driver to locate CNG refueling stations throughout the country to make it easier to refuel at these facilities, reported Petrol Plaza.

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