APG asks President Biden to support use of renewable natural gas in trucks

APG asks President Biden to support use of renewable natural gas in trucks

American  Power  Group  Corporation  (APG) announced  that  Chairman  Matthew  Van  Steenwyk  and  CEO Charles  Coppa sent  a  letter  to  President  Biden  urging  the  Biden  Administration  to  make  use  of  renewable natural gas for heavy-duty truck fleets in its efforts to combat the climate crisis. The text of which is below:

Dear President Biden,

I’m writing today in full support of the recent open letter to you from Opal Fuels, LLC which addressed the need to accelerate our efforts to develop domestic Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). It’s a game changer for the climate and using natural gas engines, or dual fuel technology with the RNG, potentially can drop One Billion Tons or More of carbon dioxide annually from the US climate change commitment. Further-more, it would come from one of the ‘most difficult’ to address carbon abatement categories, on road, heavy-duty Class 8 trucks.

We know we can do this. American Power Group has developed and been selling our dual fuel technology for the  past  ten  years  with millions  of  hours  and  miles  of  both  on  road  and off-road applications so this isn’t “unproven” technology. We have over 500 EPA engine family approvals in addition to CARB executive orders with a Technology Readiness Level of 9 so we can have an immediate and significant impact today! Our non-invasive, low cost retro-fit solution allows almost any high-horsepower diesel engine to displace up to 55% of its diesel consumption with cleaner burning natural gas and when using low-carbon and negative-carbon RNG sources can enable the Class 8 trucking industry to convert existing Class 8 diesel trucks to “green” low-carbon or negative-carbon rated fleets. Other criteria emissions dramatically decrease as well.

In a recent third party validation of one implementation of our technology for Class 8 Heavy haul transportation applications (18 wheelers) by one of California’s own certified pathway auditors, EcoEngineers, validated our position of using dairy RNG at a 55% substitution rate in a nominal trucker duty cycle of 125,000 miles per year and 6.5 miles per gallon. The results were astounding as “…each truck using a dual fuel system using RNG from dairy manure will avoid between 500 to 610 metric tons of CO2 per year.” Across the fleet of million (plus) Class 8 trucks currently running the supply chain of the US, that’s a minimum of One Billion Tons that you can claim for the US in carbon emissions reduction for a $10,000 modification to the engine air intake! It’s ready right now, goes on existing fleets and diesel engines, doesn’t change the operations or capability of the truck and is just waiting for the negative carbon intensity RNG fuel that would come from the agricultural and organic waste products community.


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