Altfuels Mexico 2017: organizations and companies supporting the event

Altfuels Mexico 2017: organizations and companies supporting the event

Altfuels Mexico 2017, taking place on 4-7 April at the World Trade Center of Mexico City, promises to be a successful event in the region as it has the official support of several entities of the Mexican government, as well as the sponsorship of the main companies in the natural gas and automotive sector, which will bring added value to the gathering.

The Mexican Natural Gas Association (AMGN) is the host of Altfuels Mexico 2017, while the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT), the National Center for Natural Gas Control (Cenagas) and the National Association of Unit Verification of the Hydrocarbons Sector (ANUVSH) have also provided their support for the event.

At the international level, Altfuels Mexico 2017 has the important support of NGV Italy, GASNAM (Iberian Natural Gas Association) and Greater Houston NGV Alliance.

The event is also backed by major global companies. The Gold Sponsor firms are Gas Natural Fenosa, Gazel, Aspro, Mercedes Benz, Neomexicana, Freightliner, Gazo, DINA, GNU Gas Natural, Scania, Acerall, Energex, Gnergy, Promotora Energética, CNG Cylinders International, Idro Meccanica, WEH, Oasis, Orion Gas and Gascomb. Among the Silver Sponsor companies are Fornovo Gas, FCGas, ISC, Graz & Grass, Carburagas, Lovato, Landi Renzo, SAFE and Gensa.

The following companies are part of Altfuels Mexico 2017:

Europegas, SFC, ANGI Energy Systems, Inc., Promotora Energética E3, Orion Gas, Daimler, Isuzu Motors de México, Gensa, GNCV de México, Incogas, Bauer Compressors Inc, Luxi Energy Group, Hebei Baigong, Galileo Technologies S.A., Gas Nacional, Bluemec, CNG Source, SPIGF, Srisen Energy Technology, Beijing Tianhai Industry, An Hui Clean Energy, Pemex, EKC, Bon-Gas, BRC, Landi Renzo, Safe, Agira, Industrias Energéticas, Jefferson, Valjeff S.A. de C.V., Kioshi, UltraGas México, Furuise, Tesla, Hino Motors, IGAS, AC-STAG, MAT, Hoerbiger de México, Gascomb, Norgreen, Imi Precision Engineering, Engie, GNC – Grupo Perc, Gestora de Calidad, Deisa, Endress Hauser México, Comsustenta, KNG ULTRA. GNC., Camigas, GNV Tech, Bureau Veritas, Promotora Ambiental, Corporación GL, Faber, Cavagna, Cryostar, Chart Industries, Coltri, Crominox, Ecomotive Solutions, Nardi, Emerson, Luxfer Gas Cylinders, Neohyundai México, Vege de México S.A. de C.V., Swagelok México, InsightFuel (AFV), KME Autogas Systems, GASITALY S.r.l., Coltri Americas, Tartarini, Inova, Ingeteam Power Technology, S.A., Masterroad, Atlas Copco, CFE – Comisión Federal de Electricidad, GAES Consultancy Services S.C., SOENERGY International, Solerm, KGTM, Autogas Italia, CIMC Enric, Eurocylinder, Zhejiang Tian En Pressure, NGV Motori.

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