Absence of CNG bunks, parking lots hits drivers in Kozhikode


Absence of CNG bunks, parking lots hits drivers in Kozhikode

KOZHIKODE: Despite the regional transport authority’s (RTA) move to implement the government directive to allow 3,000 green autos to carry out service in the city limit, the dreams of compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG) autorickshaw owners to enjoy seamless ride in the city limit is unlikely to take off soon.

Absence of CNG/LNG bunks and shortage of parking area for green autos are likely to affect the dreams of green auto owners.

The RTA meeting has recently decided to implement the government order regarding allowing city permit to 3,000 green autos to address the grievances of CNG auto owners.

The RTA had also decided to direct the police and city corporation authorities to identify parking area for green autos as the drivers of petrol and diesel autorickshaws would oppose the green autos from parking in the existing auto stands.

“It is a tough task for the motor vehicles department (MVD) and others to identify separate parking lots for green autos,” said deputy transport commissioner T C Vinesh Kumar.

The green autos as per the Central Motor Vehicle Act do not need permit for carrying out the service, said the official. However, they need a separate parking space in the city limit for carrying out the service.

The electric autos would require charging points and the MVD is planning to identify locations for the purpose. They also prefer to arrange separate parking stands for green autos to avoid rift between green auto drivers and others. Besides, absence of CNG bunks turns hindrance to the smooth operation of CNG autos. The autos would be considered green autos only when they start using CNG/LNG as fuel. At present, all the seven CNG autos are using petrol as fuel.

“Until they use CNG/LNG, these autorickshaws cannot be considered as green autos and in such situation, they would require a special permit,” said the MVD official.

As the government norm is to issue fresh permit in the cities only to green autos, CNG autos using petrol as fuel cannot avail the benefit, the official added.

It was in November 2018 that the MVD had decided to issue fresh city permit to 3,000 autorickshaws, including 2,000 electric autorickshaws and 1,000 CNG autorickshaws.

It is a fresh move and the benefit of the government directive could be derived slowly, the official pointed out.

The sale of electric autos and the operation of CNG bunks should gain momentum for achieving the targeted benefit, he said.


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