95% coal, oil-driven industries switched to CNG in 3 months: Delhi govt think tank


95% coal, oil-driven industries switched to CNG in 3 months: Delhi govt think tank

New Delhi: Ninety-five per cent of Delhi’s coal and oil-driven industries have switched to CNG-operated systems in the last three months, according to a report of government think tank Delhi Dialogue Commission. The panel submitted the report to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal recently.
Of the 1,542 coal and oil-driven industries in Delhi, 1,457 have shifted to compressed natural gas (CNG). The government has been making efforts to convert another 85 industries into CNG-adaptive, a statement said.At a meeting held earlier this week, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had discussed with several industrialists the benefits of switching to CNG. He had also assured the industrialists about provisions of grants and compensation for making the shift.”The Kejriwal government is committed to eliminating industrial pollution from Delhi. It is through strategic proposition and determined steps that 95 per cent of the oil-driven industry has shifted to CNG-operated systems,” the statement read.
“With the efforts of the Delhi government, air pollution in the city has reduced by 25 per cent in three years. Delhi is the only state in the country to record a reduction in air pollution,” Kejriwal said.
Delhi’s Environment Minister Kailash Gehlot said, “95 per cent of the industries are now operating on CNG. We are aiming to bring this figure to hundred per cent.”Earlier, the Delhi government had prohibited the use of petroleum, tyre oil, and other types of polluted chemicals in all types of industries except thermal power plants.The closure of coal-based power plants in Rajghat in May 2015 and in Badarpur in October 2018 has also aided in reducing pollution in Delhi, the statement said.
The Delhi Pollution Control Committee had also announced compensation for conversion of chemical-powered industries into CNG in 2017-18. Under the scheme, a compensation of Rs 50,000 was given to small and medium industries and Rs 1 lakh to big industries.According to data from The Energy and Resources Institute and Automotive Research Association of India, industries contribute 22 per cent to air pollution (PM 2.5) in Delhi in the summer and 30 per cent in the winter.


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